Real Trouble

by Keith Ferris

Copyright The Greenwich Workshop, Inc., 1995

The Luftwaffe formations often passed one bomb unit - just out of range of the lethal 3,500 foot range of their .50 caliber machine guns, while positioning themselves to attack the lead group. “Both sides recognized real trouble when they saw it!” Lt. Klaus Bretschneider, flying the lead FW-190 named ‘Rauhbautz” [Tough Guy] VII takes his wingman and the formation toward a lethal attack with bomber-destroying 20 and 30 mm cannon.

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Overall Size:28" x 20 1/2"
Type of Edition:Limited Edition Print/1000, Artist Proof
Price:Print $195.00, Artist Proof $270.00
Stock Number:Print KF-1201-P, Artist Proof KF-1201-A
Notes:One of the most outstanding selections available, on the American Aviation Art favorite list!