Nowotny's Final Encounter

by Keith Ferris

Copyright Keith Ferris, 1981

At 12:45, 8 November 1944, 1/Lt. Edward R. (Buddy) Haydon flying a North American P-51D “Lady Nelda” of the 357th Fighter Group Joined P-51s of the 20th group in the chase of a crippled Me 262 towards its airfield at Achmer, Germany. Defenses split Haydon from the other fighters and alone in a left turn Haydon found the 262 on the downwind leg of the traffic pattern. The Me 262 pilot, a 258 victory ace and commander of the world’s first operational jet fighter squadron. Major Walter Nowotny, sighted the closing P-51 and reacted violently, slamming the remaining good engine full thrust, loosing control of the aircraft and flying into the ground. Haydon had not fired a shot.
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