McChord Country

by Keith Ferris

Copyright Keith Ferris, 1982

The original 5'6" x 15' painting forms the backdrop of the Officers Mess at McChord AFB, Washington. It was a present from the members to the base and community.

“McChord Country” is viewed from a point above and east of Mt. Ranier looking Northwest, to the Olympic Range. The waterways, cities, towns and terrain are viewed accurately as to size and location, however exaggerating viewing height, gives better detail to the painting.

The aircraft include the Lockheed C-130 and C-140 a General Dynamics, F-106, a McDonnell Douglas F-15, and a close scrutiny will disclose the presence of a T-33.

Presented by Keith Ferris Galleries

Overall Size:16 3/4" x 36"
Type of Edition:Limited Edition Print/950 Signed and Numbered
Stock Number:KF-1223-P