The Circus Outbound

by Keith Ferris

Copyright The Greenwich Workshop, Inc., 1989

Early on the morning of March 18, 1943 B-24s from the 93rd Bomb Group joined B-17s and other bombers for a strike against the submarine base at Vegesack, Germany. This mission marked the first mission into Germany for the 93rd, proving daylight bombing could be carried out against German Defenses. “The Circus Outbound” pays tribute to all of the brave men who flew the B-24, by far the most difficult American heavy bomber to fly.

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Overall Size:19 3/4" x 39"
Type of Edition:Limited Edition Print/1000, Artist Proof
Price:Print $225.00, Artist Proof $300.00
Stock Number:Print KF-1211-P, Artist Proof KF-1211-A
Notes:Historically important moment in aviation history.

Presented by Keith Ferris Galleries