Tiro Vorster

Tiro Vorster joined the South African Air Force in 1963 as an aircraft mechanic and was later promoted to flight engineer. While flying in helicopters and Shackletons his artistic talent began to find expression by painting his environment, the airman's world. During his combat tours in the Angolan War, Tiro began painting murals on the walls of squadron huts and by 1980 Tiro was painting commissions both inside and outside the South African Air Force. Among his credits are Sanlam, Air vice Marshall Johnnie Johnson, aviation historian Jeffery Ethell, Atlas Aircraft, South African Airways, the Russian trade mission to Armscor. In 1993 Tiro was inducted as an Artist Fellow into the American Society of Aviation Artists, a position held by only 189 people in the world. In 1987 he was transferred to Pretoria to serve as illustrator of NYALA, the South African Air Force safety magazine, and since 1988 he has served as the publication's assistant editor. Tiro Vorsters's reputation continues to spread around the world as South Africa's premier aviation artist