Nixon Galloway


Nixon (Nick) Galloway’s interest in aviation is a long-standing one, as both his father and grandfather were pioneer aviators in the Los Angels area during the twenties and thirties. He spent many happy hours as a child flying with them in Wacos, Swallows and Stearmans of the day.

After a stint in Navel Aviation in WWII, he took up flying, but with an abundance of pilots coming out of the services, decided to pursue a career as an artist and enrolled at Art center Collage of Design in Los Angels. He has been freelancing for over forty years as an illustrator, doing advertising art for companies such as Lockheed, Northrop, NASA, Allied/Signal, Hughes, Boeing, Bendix and United, Continental, and Hawaiian Airlines.

He has been active in the United States Air Force Art Program and over thirty of his paintings are in the permanent collection. He has been “Air Force Chairman” for the Los Angels Society of Illustrators and is also a past president of that organization. A large print of his Air Force painting of the B-2 roll out, which he attended, was recently presented by Nick to Northrop Corporation at an Air Force Association banquet honoring Northrop’s 50th anniversary.

Nick’s work has been exhibited in the White House, Pentagon, Kennedy Space Center, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, RAF Museum (in London), EAA and the Air Force Museums. Two of his paintings are included in NASA’s “Artist and the Space Shuttle” exhibit and his painting of the X-1 breaking the sound barrier is hanging in NASA’s Dryden Flight Test Center. He has won awards in Los Angels, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Washington D.C., and Dayton.

Two Notable series he has done are the “Nixon Galloway Collector Series” for United Air Lines and the “Wings of Agriculture” calendars for Union Carbide Corp. The UAL series consisted of forty-three paintings of aircraft that have flown the friendly skies from the deHavilland 4B in 1926 to the current Boeing 747. The “Wings of Agriculture” calendars which included sixty paintings on the history of crop dusting have since become collectors items.

Nick is an “Artist Fellow” member and past president of the American Society of Aviation Artist. He also holds membership in the American Aviation Historical Society, Air Force Association, Navel Institute, the EAA and the Red Barons. When not at his easel, Nick can usually be found on the ski slopes or racing his sailboat in Southern California waters.