Gil Cohen

Gil Cohen is a formally trained artist, studying art at the Philadelphia Collage of Art under, Mr. Henry C. Pitz. In 1955, Cohen entered military service as an artist with the United States Army in West Germany, where he was attached to; SHAEF Headquarters, Military Intelligence, Europe.

Cohen’s career as a freelance artist has spanned more than 30 years. His multitude of clients from both public and private sectors include; The United States Air Force, US Information Agency, National Park Service, Paramount Pictures, Harlequin Books and The Boeing-Sikorsky Company. Throughout his career he has been the recipient of countless awards; too numerous to mention.

Presently Cohen is a member of the Air Force Art Program, New York Society of Illustrators and serves as, US Coast Guard Illustrator. He is also a Artist Fellow Member of the American Society of Aviation Artist and currently holds the position of vice-president and Chairman of the Exhibition Committee.

The main focus of Cohen’s work is capturing the human figure and human activities as they relate to aviation. Cohen’s approach is not to glamorize anything about war but to show the physical and emotional strain on the air crews and support personnel and the conditions they lived under. Aircraft operated under wartime conditions quickly loose their factory fresh appearance, becoming faded, oxidized, and grimy from the hours of flying, battle damage, and operations under field conditions. Cohen meticulously mixes these elements of wartime life in each of his paintings.

Cohen’s realistic style and attention to detail incorporated into each painting have become his trademark. Cohen's ability to blend historic aviation events and equipment and the human element is remarkable. This blend of talent, historical knowledge and emotion can be easily seen two of his most recognized works, “The Regensburg Mission” and “ Coming Home England/1943.” Each of these works, as with all of Cohen’s propels the viewer back into time to emotionally capture the emotion of the moment.

Exhaustive research and meticulous attention to detail have become the standard for Cohen. Prior to commencing a new project, he will extensively research the subject. Through archival photographs, documents and eye witness accounts Cohen has created both historically accurate and aesthetically moving work. The ability to capture the mood of the moment and ambiance of the event, without overpowering the painting have fashioned this work to true “historical paintings status.” ‘Skill is the trademark,’ style that can be seen in each masterpiece.