Andy Whyte

Andy Whyte grew up with a love of aviation. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1926 Andy grew up in an aviation family with a father who served in the RCF/RAF.

During World War II Whyte enlisted in the United States Navy as a flight engineer/gunner. Initially his career was in SBD’s, then later he moved to PBY, PBM and PV-2 flyingboats. When Whyte left the Navy he had spent 10 years on active duty and in the United States Navy Reserve.

Whyte attended the University of Oklahoma majoring in Mechanical Engineering. In 1951 he returned to Connecticut and joined Sikorsky Aircraft as a design engineer in the Advanced Design Group. He combined engineering and art in doing configuration work for all Sikorshy products. He produced hundreds of magnificent paintings for the Sikorsky Marketing and Engineering Departments during his 41 year career with Sikorsky, receiving 8 aircraft design patents.

Whyte is now devoting his time to aviation art. He is a member of the Society of Illustrators in New Your City, the U.S. Art Program, and is an Artist Fellow